Organic Lemongrass 100% Pure Essential Oil 10ml

Organic Lemongrass 100% Pure Essential Oil 10ml

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BOTANICAL NAME:  Cymbopogon flexuosus, Certified Organic


MIND While Lemongrass has an overall invigorating action, it has a tonic effect on the nervous system to balance and revive rather than overstimulate.

BODY Lemongrass is excellent in a massage oil for soft tissue injuries, bruises, muscle or joint aches, and to cool and ease sore, tired muscles after exercise.  Lemongrass oil has a toning and astringent effect on congested oily skin, and has powerful activity for acne and fungal infections. Take care and use at low concentrations as it may irritate the skin.

SOUL  Lemongrass brings calm and helps with the simplicity of forgiving; ourselves and others. It teaches us the balance of “Forgive and Forget”. Once we realise that we are who we are and all choices have been made by us, Creator will uplift the spirit to see that freedom of choice is only one of the many gifts he has given unto us. Lemongrass Essential Oil is one of the Angelic Fragrances.  Lemongrass Essential Oil is cleansing for the physical that impedes the spiritual. For times when the emotions are embedded in misery and unable to escape from it, and in need of help to overcome it.

HOME A great choice in household cleaning blends and dishwash liquid for a nice fresh smell.

CAUTION:  Consultation with a suitably qualified practitioner is recommended prior to use
- For external use only.
- Do not apply to skin undiluted
- Not recommended for use during pregnancy
- Perform a patch test prior to use
- Citrus oils can affect photosensitivity, avoid sun exposure after skin application

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