Digest Essential Oil Blend

Digest Essential Oil Blend

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This blend is an amazing blend to help with digestion.  It is perfect for ongoing indigestion or reflux issues. It has a lovely fresh liquorice aroma. To use apply roller to stomach and wrists when needed or use pure oil in the diffuser.

This blend is a great blend to help with when you feel nauseous.  It is perfect for travel, car or sea sickness, hangovers, or anytime you are feeling queasy To use apply roller to stomach and wrists when needed or use pure oil in the diffuser, ceramic burner or drip a few drips onto tissue paper and sniff in deeply for a quick fix.

Mandarin is a lovely digestive tonic, helping to calm and normalise the digestive system and great for all ages to soothe colic, hiccups, bloating, flatulence and digestive distress related to nervous upset.

Ginger essential oil helps ease nausea, motion sickness and morning sickness. It can be diffused or used as an inhalation to support immune deficiences and ease coughs and respiratory congestion.  Applied in a compress or massage oil it warms and eases stiff, tired or sore joints and muscles and stimulates circulation to cold extremities. Massaged onto the abdomen it can also help ease menstrual and digestive spasms and stimulate digestion.

Fennel’s primary action is as a digestive tonic, aiding digestion and soothing nausea, bloating, flatulence and colic. It can be very helpful for constipation, massaged in a clockwise direction on the abdomen, and aids removal of toxins and fluid retention (popular in cellulite and detoxifying blends). Fennel has expectorant and antispasmodic effects to ease coughs and bronchitis. It is also said to promote breast milk in nursing mothers and has been used for both menopausal and menstrual symptoms.

Lime oil helps stimulate digestion, and aids natural detoxification by encouraging lymphatic circulation.  Lime oil also has antimicrobial and immune support properties, great to diffuse or as an inhalation for coughs and colds.

Lemon oil provides a lovely fresh scent and a detoxifying, toning action applied to congested, stagnant areas including cellulite, fluid retention, varicose or spider veins, as well as rheumatic joint conditions.

The fresh aroma of Peppermint is ideal to help ease travel sickness and nausea. A few drops on a tissue can be discreetly inhaled for quick relief during times of need. Applied to the abdomen it is wonderful to soothe an upset digestive system including bloating, spasms, flatulence, colic, and to stimulate liver and gallbladder function.

- Consultation with a suitably qualified practitioner is recommended prior to use
- For external use only.
- Do not apply to skin undiluted
- Not recommended for use during pregnancy
- Perform a patch test prior to use

Option to have in a Clear Quartz Roller with a Clear Quartz ball and small pieces of Clear Quartz inside the bottle.  Clear Quartz is the Master Healer, a powerful healing stone for any condition. It stimulates the body and immune system and is excellent for soothing, healing and balancing the body and emotions. 

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