Organic Bergamot 100% Pure Essential Oil 5ml

Organic Bergamot 100% Pure Essential Oil 5ml

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BOTANICAL NAME: Citrus aurantium spp bergamia - Certified Organic


MIND Bergamot is a primary oil for the nervous system, uplifting and calming during times of anxiety or low mood. It can lighten and refresh when feeling angry, frustrated or low in confidence and helps to clear out negative, heavy states.  When diffused, Bergamot has powerful mood stabilizing effects. It can calm agitated children, is great for promoting clarity in the workspace, and is most revered for its mood elevating effects. Diffuse the beautiful fragrance as a nighttime blend with lavender to promote restful sleep and sweet dreams.

BODY Bergamot helps gently mobilise a stagnant liver and digestive system to ease bloating, gas and heaviness. It can also be used in inhalations for respiratory stagnation.  Bergamot is one of the key oils to think of for cold sores, shingles and chicken pox. It is also indicated for oily skin and is a great antiseptic and healing oil for acne. 

SOUL Inhalation of Bergamot can help to calm the emotions and lift the spirits.

HOME Bergamot’s deodorant properties make it a perfect natural air freshener, and it’s a lovely diffuser oil to help clear and brighten the atmosphere. 

CAUTION: Avoid during first trimester of pregnancy.  Avoid sun exposure after Bergamot application in case of photosensitisation.

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